KiD CuDi

Since i haven’t posted any music related to rap or hip-hop, i think today is the day to do so. The artist that i’m going to feature is my all time favourite artist to date and his name is Scott Mescudi, better known by his stage name Kid Cudi. Every piece of music of his that i’ve listened to i have literally played over and over again for the past 5 or 6 years because i am no joke obsessed with all of his stuff. Even before he released his debut mix tape back in 2008 i knew he was going to be a crowd favourite. The way he writes his lyrics and the way he is able to string them together in his songs is incredible. Unlike any other rapper or hip hop artist, Cudi’s voice is just so chill and mellow which is definitely why i think he stands out from the rest and also why is a personal favourite. The first ever Cudi song i listened to is still to this date my favourite song of his, it’s entitled The Prayer’ and is actually a sample of Band of Horses ‘The FuneralBut here’s one of my favourite music videos of Cudi’s songs, it’s entitled No One Believes Me.

It was Cudi’s debut mix tape that attracted one the most famous hip hop artist being Kanye West and with Kanye taking Cudi under his wing and helping him to get his name out in the music world its resulted in Cudi working with a bunch of big named artists such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and David Guetta, just to name a few. Cudi has released two albums, Man on the Moon: The End of Day and Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr Rager. Early this year Cudi released a a collaborative album, WZRD, however it was more rock n roll than rap which i must say i wasn’t that in to it. However, the good news is that Cudi is coming back to his rap game and is set to release a new album, Indicud, hopefully later this year. His already released two new songs that will be on the album, ‘Just What Iam and ‘King Wizard


Unlike other rappers Cudi is not just one talent, he is actually an awesome actor as well. When i first heard of Cudi being an actor on the HBO show How To Make In America i must say i did have second thoughts, but Cudi proved me wrong, he looked like a natural on screen. Besides being in the HBO show his also starred in a short film entitled MANIAC directed by Shia LeBouf, who for those of you who don’t know is the main actor in the Transformers movies. Other than that, Cudi is also going to be starring in a few films in 2013 so i’ll definitely be looking out for those when they get released. Anywho what better way to sign off by watching a short film. This is MANIAC that Cudi stars in below.

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Open Condom Star?

So this week i’m not going to feature one of my favourite artists for you or talk about a music festival that i’m going to be attending, instead i’m going to make this post about ….. yep you guessed it, it’s about Psy and his crazy and energetic single, Gangnam Style. The song has literally taken over the world in the space of about 2 months, mainly being in the last month where its seriously gone out of control .

Now if you don’t know who PSY or what Gangnam Style is then you have probably lived under a rock or locked yourself in a room for the last month or two. However for those who don’t know, Gangnam Style is a song that was released by Korean rapper Psy back in July this year and although for many it sounds like his saying “open condom star” the single has already  hit no.1 on music charts in over 20 countries. The video has now received over 530 million views on YouTube, it’s the third most watched video on the site and has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the most liked video. It’s only been uploaded for 3 months for christ sake! Here’s the video so you can watch it ONE more time and have a laugh because i know you’re not sick of it just yet.

For those of you who don’t know, Gangnam Style is actually from Psy’s 6th studio album, so even though he has popped out of nowhere he’s actually not just a one hit wonder back in South Korea. The video might not show it, because it’s just so random from start to finish, but the song and the music video is actually about the lifestyle of people who live in the affluent district of Gangnam, which is located in Seoul, South Korea. Psy has likened Gangnam District to a Beverly Hills in L.A, so i see it as probably like a Brighton or Toorak in Melbourne. What i found hilarious was actually a video that shows teenagers and elders react to the music video. Some of them love it and some are utterly confused so have a look.


Now what i love as much as the song and the music video are the parodies that come from it. There are literally hundreds of Gangnam Style parodies on YouTube and a bunch of them are so well done that they’ve received millions of views themselves.  What’s kind of  funny is that North Korea also made a parody of the video called “I’m Yushin Style” which apparently mocks and makes fun of the policies and politicians of South Korea. So anyways to cap off the post here are some of the parodies that i’ve enjoyed and have found quite hilarious. Enjoy!

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One of the most exciting acts that has come out this year within the music scene has definately got to be Disclosure. Once again, this exciting duo do come from the UK and has been noted by many as the next big thing to watch out for. I don’t know what’s going on inside the UK but they’re producing some of the world’s most exhilarating and exciting talents to listen to. For me, Disclosure is like Australia’s Flume. Not in terms of their music but similar in the way that they are both the next big thing to happen for both countries in the music industry. I don’t know what it is about this duo but every song that they’ve put out has this unique sound to it, it’s like their trademark or their identity that they’ve incorporated. Electronic Beats says it’s “a distinct (and rather impressive) sound, the perfect gap between deep house, UK Garage, and bass music”, the perfect way to describe it and that’s why they’re so god damn awesome to listen to. Here’s one of their new songs thats been played countless times on Triple J this past month, it’s entitled ‘Latch’. 


The cool thing about Disclosure is that the duo are actually brothers…Now that’s living the life – traveling around the globe and doing what you love every day of the week with your own bro. Guy and Howard Lawrence , 21 and 19 years old, are Disclosure and hail from Surrey, South London. This year they’ve taken the electronic music scene by storm and are only going to become bigger and better. Music has been a major part of both brothers lives, having learnt instruments since they were both young. Guy owning a drum set since the age of 3 and Howard been given a bass guitar and learning the piano at 5.  The sibling duo have already culminated at #1 on the UK ITunes electronic chart and not only have they supported SBTRKT and Hot Chip in 2012 but are now touring the US by themselves which can only be a good thing. It’s not only the music that i love about Disclosure but also the novelty factor of their symbol, the white sketched faces that they always incorporate within their music videos and music artwork. It reminds me of Daft Punk’s robot helmets or Deadmau5’s mouse-head, another fun and cool way to attract their audiences.

Right at this moment Disclosure haven’t released an album just as yet but that is set to happen next year. What they have released is an EP entitled ‘The Face’ so definitely check that out if you are enjoying them. They’ve already played a mini mix on Annie Macs show on BBC radio 1 and have also been asked to play at the Boiler Room, the worlds best underground music show, so the young sibling duo are definitely on the up. If you want more of their songs just click below or head to their soundcloud page here.

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For those of you who like your electronic music and also enjoy your folk then i’m almost 100% certain that you’ll love this band that i’m going to feature in this post. Crystal Fighters is what they call themselves and it’s their ability to blend and mix electronic and folk music together which makes them so special. I came across this UK sensation when i was having one of those YouTube sessions in order to kill time, trying to find and discover new artists to listen to, i eventually came across one of Crystal Fighters live performances. Honestly, when i was done watching the video of their live performance i immediately had to find more of what they had to offer. It was genuinely that good and entertaining. Have a listen to one of my favourite songs by them entitled ‘Champion Sound’.


What i love about the stop motion music video for ‘Champion Sound’ are the colours and the costumes that are worn throughout, the reason why is because that’s what Crystal Fighters is all about. Many of their live acts are always sold out because of how energetic and crowd engaging they are and that’s why they are such popular demand at many festivals around the globe. Over the past 2 years they have played over 100 shows over 15 countries and have played at some of the world’s best music festivals such as Glastonbury, V Festival, Creamsfield and SXSW just to name a few. Crystal Fighters have come to Australia a couple of times but unfortunately for me i wasn’t able to catch them live, but the next time they come down i definitely will make it my first priority to get a ticket.  Although they come from the UK, many of the 7 members of the band have cultural ties to Spain and that’s why there’s such a cultural influence on their live acts and music. Just have a look at how passionate and  invigorating their live performance is in the video below.


Crystal Fighters have only the one album out at the moment which was released back in 2010, entitled ‘Star of Love’. What’s cool about that name of their album, ‘Star of love’, is that it’s actually a back acronym for SOL which is the spanish word for Sun. Their debut album impressed many music reviewers around the globe and received an 8.7 on NME. Not only that but 3 of the singles from their album were selected as record of the week on BBC radio 1 which is an outstanding accomplishment. So if your enjoying Crystal Fighters then i definitely urge you to check out there album.

Here are a few of my favourite songs by Crystal Fighters. Enjoy!

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New Years.

As you can tell,  this year i’m going to the annual Falls Festival down at Lorne and i seriously can not wait for it. The reason i’m so excited and up ‘n’ about for Falls is because…(and i’m sure many other students feel the same way)… i want exams to be over and holidays to come already. Unfortunately for me, my last exam is on the second last day of the exam period which sucks. However, the up side is that it makes the wait for Falls more the worthwhile and satisfying when that first day of the festival comes around. For those of you who don’t know, Falls is a 4 day music festival held down at Lorne in Melbourne, Australia starting from the 28th of December till New Years Day. Although its main attraction is the music, there are other art forms that are performed throughout the festival such as comedy and theatre.

Unlike the music lineup of previous years, this years lineup is jam packed with big named artists from around the globe as well as many popular artists coming from inside Australia. When i first saw the lineup, which was announced back in July, i was amazed at how many of my favourite artists and bands were going to be performing. I was genuinely stoked how they were able to get such a great lineup for a new years festival and it’s because of this that tickets to Falls were sold out in a matter of minutes. Here’s a little video that shows what Falls is all about.

The artist i’m most excited to see perform at Falls is definitely UK record producer and DJ ‘Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ a.k.a TEED. TEED was suppose to have performed at last years Falls Festival  as well as have a few shows around Australia but unfortunately he had to cancel his trip at the last minute, i guess he’s making up for last years disappointment. Nevertheless, i’m sought of happy that he didn’t perform in 2011 as i wasn’t at Falls and it was only this year that i came across his music that i am literally addicted to. I’ve also seen a few videos of his live shows and i can say that they look incredibly enjoyable as he’s dressed up in different dinosaur costumes alongside his own personal dancers. Other than TEED i’m also looking forward to see other well known artists such as the popular indie-rock band Two Door Cinema Club, SBTRKT, Hot Chip, Boy and Bear and also Bombay Bicycle Club. With so many great acts to see i’m counting down the days till Falls arrives as i can’t think of anything better than enjoying the holidays with your best friends accompanied by live music.

Here are a some songs that i can’t wait to hear live at Falls, enjoy!

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The artist that i’m going to feature for this post is again another Australian who is rising through the ranks within the music industry, not only in Australia but also on the international stage. What’s cool about this artist is that he attended the same school as I did, St. Kevin’s College in Toorak. Although he was older  than i was, i do vividly remember him making speeches in front of the school at assemblies and also running for our school in the athletics team…Anyways, that’s enough reminiscing. The artist that im talking about is Chet Faker, the pseudonym for Nick Murphy. It was Chet Faker’s version of Blackstreet’s 1996 R&B hit, “No Diggity” that grabbed many music bloggers’ attention and inevitably  helped get his name out there on the music scene. I even remember it becoming the most popular song on The Hype Machine for some time, beating one of James Blunt’s new releases.  It’s his chilled out beats which are stringed with his mellow and sooting vocals that make his songs so addictive and catchy.

Here is one of my favourite songs by Chet Faker, it’s “Terms and Conditions”. Have a listen.

First of all, i have to say that’s a mean beard that Chet Faker has grown since his school days. Beard aside, 2012 has been a very busy year for Chet Faker. He recently played at Australia’s largest winter music festival, Splendour in the Grass and has also had many sold out shows around Melbourne during his breakout year. He is also making an appearance at the sold out Meredith Music Festival in December. However, not only did Nick travel to the United States this year to show off his stuff at a few shows but he also released his EP entitled, “Thinking in Textures”.

Having listened to his EP, I have to say that all 7 songs are as addictive as each other. The one that stands out and is a personal favourite is “Cigarettes & Chocolate”, it’s the calm and hypnotic beats tied along with echoing vocals and a catchy guitar riff that make this song so enjoyable to listen to. Fakers stuff has not only been played on radio stations around Australia, such as Triple J and 3RRR, but his music has also reached over to the UK where it’s been played on their radio station BBC’s Radio 1.

It’s really cool and slightly bizarre to see someone from your old school rise up and make a name for themselves in the music industry. Im looking forward to more of Chet Fakers new stuff and can’t wait to see him live as well. If you want to listen to more of his songs head over to his Soundcloud page here or click on some of his best work from the list below.

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